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What is Smartwatch?Why do we Need Smartwatch?

  • Smart watch is a smart-phone like device worn on wrist which keeps the user updated not only with time , but also with incoming calls, app notification , health , fitness etc.

Why Do We Need Smart Watch?

Why do we need a Smart Watch when you can check time , set alarm , make calls etc. on your Phone. Despite of many Smart Watches in the market, people are still unaware of its uses and benefits.

Here we are Explaining, why you must have a Smart Watch

  1. Fitness

There are many fit bands available around us. We keep it with us for a couple of weeks and after that, we just forget about it. Or,

Carrying Fitness band for gym and watch for meetings and party sometimes becomes hectic.

So, smart watches have made it easier for us. You can track your step count, calories, multiple sports , sedentary etc. on your wrist without touching your phone.

2. Health Tracker

Now-a-days everyone wants to lead a healthy lifestyle. But you can not carry the basic health devices with you every time. So smart watches are at your rescue. You can find basic health checking parameters in usual smart watches such as Blood Pressure, Spo2 , Heart Rate , Periods Tracker etc.

3. Notifications

Personally, for us, notifications are one of the main reasons to own a smart watch.

The ease of getting them on your wrist and being able to notice the important calls and other notifications without taking out phone your phone from pocket.

4. Answering Calls

Many Brands have launched the feature of answering calls on your smart watch.

You can simply connect your smart watch and Bluetooth earphones with your handset and answer you calls anywhere, anytime without even looking at your phone.

5. Music

Play-Pause- Stop, control music on your wrist now. No need to look at your handset to find your favorites. You can simply manage your playlist on your smart watch.


Usually, we get bored of looking at same old watch again and again but not in case of a smart watch. You can change the watch faces, dial as per your choice. You can even use any picture from your gallery as your watch face just as you do in your smart phone.

7. Memory

Many smart watches now come with internal memory. You can save your contacts, messages or even upload your favorite playlist in it.

8. Battery Backup

A normal smart watch with all these features can last upto 7 days in a single charge.

Are these Features not enough to own a SMART WATCH??

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